The Hemoglobin Mail

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to the Hemoglobin Mail!

This title began in 2002 while I was undergoing a stem cell transplant, as a treatment for the blood cancer, leukemia. It was a section of a web site where I would update family and friends on my progress and condition.

The site was a distraction of sorts and of course a way to share some information on the disease, bone marrow transplants and graft versus host disease. For a while in 2003 I kept it updated, but while life got busy in somewhat normal ways, this distraction began to lie dormant. Lately, it's been a little distracting that I have not posted much on the disease, cancer and any new and promising research. So it's about bloody time, pardon my hemoglobic pun.

Part of the motivation for turning a past hobby into a blog, is to just share any relative research news I read and hear about. Just in the last several months there have been several new promising research findings that are giving cause for a new hope for treatments. As well, here in St. John's, there will be a launch of a Thrombosis, Blood and Immune Disorder research project on Nov. 9. This blogger will talk briefly at the event, and thought that perhaps any information I write here could possibly be in some small way, encouraging to others faced with blood cancers and the side effects of treatments.

Realistically, I do not expect to write here daily, but will post whenever I learn something interesting, useful and/or positive, and will reply to any comments readers may have. For now, I say welcome, and will write more interesting posts in the days, weeks and hopefully months to come.


  1. First of all I am so sorry I did not know about your illness, and I am so HAPPY that you made it. I congratulate you on your strength that I can feel from reading any post you write on your other blogs. You know how much I love your photos and glad to see you are getting to share your talents with the public that they may hang a piece of your beautiful photos. GOD BLESS..

  2. So nice of you Bev to write this. Yes, it happened 9 years ago, and I am lucky to have survived. However, the side effects of a stem cell transplant have been brutal to my eyes in particular.. transplant cells destroyed my tear glands, which causes constant pain from extreme dryness. But I am making the best of it, and hopeful for the future still, and want to keep creating anything forever. The best is yet to come :).. Bless you!